David Adler

David Adler, writer

On 9/11/01 I stood half a mile away from the towers with several people who
were watching their friends and relatives die. In the days that followed,
many I admired, like singer-songwriter Ani DiFranco, began parroting the
received idea that the attacks, while wrong, were essentially 'payback' for
American wrongdoing.

In a poem, DiFranco construed 9/11 as 'the day that America fell to its
knees/after strutting around for a century/without saying thank you/or
please.' Not yet past the first stanza, and already this. The attacks were a
tragedy, but.

Following the London bombing, all the old excuses are out in force. I signed
this petition to say: 'But' nothing.

Unite Against Terror is a long-overdue organized response to the Roys,
Chomskys, Galloways, Eagletons and Cockburns of the political moment. Men
and women of true liberal convictions, stand up and be counted.

Remember Daniel Pearl.