Richard Bartholomew

Progressives of good faith can disagree about the US/UK response to 9/11, and the best way to end the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. But no-one of good faith should be equivocating over what to think about terrorists, theocrats, and anti-Semites.

So the London bombers may have been moved to act by the invasion of Iraq; therefore what? Most British people who objected to the war or subsequent American conduct have not resorted to terrorism � why do these murderers deserve excuses? How can justice for Palestine be achieved when terrorists disavow the very idea of justice by killing civilians, and extremists call for the ethnic cleansing of Israeli Jews? And just how is the daily massacre of Iraqis by insurgent groups supposed to be an act of resistance against occupation?

Violence, dogmatism, and demonization and will always exist as alternatives for those who no longer have any use for humanitarian sentiments. But any cause that puts aside humanitarianism will at once become both worthless and sinister.

I may have disagreements with some of the other names on this petition, including the organisers. But I stand closer to them than with anyone who thinks terrorists and other bullies deserve to win the slightest compromise.

Richard Bartholomew
(religion news blogger)