Anthony Barnett

This is a great statement, I happily join its call for solidarity against terrorism and the need to build an international citizens alliance. As it says, the need to understand and retain our intelligence and judgement can never act as an excuse for the indiscriminate slaughter of innocents, in any circumstances, or any place. Nor can such a call for solidarity act as an apology for the misconceived invasion of Iraq, which played into Bin Laden?s game and had no connection with defeating the sources of muslim-fundamentalist terrorism (unlike the invasion of Afghanistan). The historic demonstrations of citizens around the world, from all political persuasions who felt (to be short) that George Bush wanted a war and that this was wrong, should be our starting point. The leaders of those demonstration were often narrow sectarians and, despicably, apologists. The millions who marched the streets were overwhelmingly the opposite: strangers, as the statement says, wanting to hold hands against terrorism.